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The finest World Recipes

We love FOOD whether from Asia, America or Europe. Now after years of travel and culinary discovery, we are proud to bring to you in Palma de Mallorca some of the finest World recipes in an easy ready to eat packaging.

We have searched high and low, far and wide, for the finest Asian Food, from the smooth Indian Korma curry, to the peppery Noodles of Sichuan or the fiery Thai Tom Yum. As well as Asian recipes, we also carry Italian and Mexican dishes, such as the famous Bolognese pasta o Chili con Carne. We remain hungry for new recipes and we will keep adding new products to our existing Asian and Western ranges.

We have selected ready to cooked recipes with tasty ingredients, fragant herbs and colorful spices. Because we pride ourselves in offering only excellent products, our meals do not contain MSG nor any unnecessary additives or coloring agents.

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World Wide Trading and Sourcing

Thanks to our worldwide network of reliable suppliers/providers, we are able to source and trade a large variety of products. We are able to supply you with Frozen MeatPoultry or Sea Food from any part of the world to any destinations. Our partners, suppliers as well as buyers are located in Asia, in Africa, in Europe as well as in South America.

All our transactions, whether we trade, export or import are all controlled and managed in Palma. Our Import and Documentation Department has a wide expertise on Customs and logistics procedures. We will make sure that all orders are quickly and smoothly processed.

Our Sustainable Fish Brands

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