Innovative Ready-Made Meals for Retail, Food services, Health and Fitness Clubs

All the dishes available from Global Foods Supplies SL are pasteurized and sterilized thanks to a unique heating process preserving all the flavors. We are therefore able to offer a wide and rich panel of dishes that only needs to be heated up in a microwave, in a pan or in hot water.

All our dishes can be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration, helping you to save costs and manage your stock in an accurate way.
All our products also carry one-year to eighteen months expiry date and shelf life.

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Full Meal Range

We offer for ranges of full meal

·    Asian and Indian menu of Thai Green, Red, Yellow, Massaman, Korma, India Butter and Sweet and Sour chicken curries with white rice. Portion sizes available are 280g and 350g.

·    Italian menu with Lasagna Bolognese, Fusilli Bolognese and Fusilli Tuna cooked with meat, tuna fish and fresh pasta.

·    Mexican menu made of Chili con Carne and Burger in tomato sauce and pasta.

·    Bio menu made of Couscous, Lasagna, Chili con carne and Paella.


  • Green Curry
    Green Curry

Street Food Range

Asian Noodles are fresh noodles vacuum packed with their own sauce and chicken meat; all in its individual box. Once microwaved, just eat it straight from its box. Content of each box is 280g or 300g. Recipes available are:

·      Noodles in Satay sauce with chicken

·      Noodles in Korma sauce with chicken

·      Noodles in vegetarian Teriyaki sauce

·      Noodles in vegetarian Satay sauce

·      Noodles with Sweet and Sour Chicken

Do you prefer rice? We have it as 250g and 280g individual portion with the following flavours:

·      Rice cup with Teriyaki sauce with chicken

·      Rice cup with Satay sauce with chicken

·      Rice cup and Indian Butter Chicken

·      Rice cup and Red Thai Curry


Paul et Louise Lunch Box 

A delicious range of French vacuum packed Pastas and Rice in a 300g box with the following flavours.

·     Beef Meat Balls with Curry Sauce

·     Chicken Breast with Pesto

·     Chicken Breast in Thai Sauce

·     Pasta Carbonara with ham


Spaghetti with pesto sauce and chicken

Ready to Eat Protein Meals from Nutripak

A new range of high protein meals specially designed for all work out and sport addicts! Low fat, high protein content, long shelf life and no need for a fridge, they even come with a fork! All meals are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. They can be eaten cold or warm!

Here are the available flavors:

·    Pineapple Chicken with Brown Rice (High in protein (39.3g per serving), containing a mix of low GI Carbs. The Caribbean Style Chicken contains a higher level of sodium (salt) than the other meals as sodium is essential for strength gains.

·    Lean Beef Chilli with Kidney Beans (A killer combination of high protein beef and high GI carbs that is the Kidney Beans, this nutritious and delicious meal will help replenish your glycogen stores fast, especially after your workouts)

·     Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice (Packed full with premium chicken breast, wholegrain basmati rice, wholesome veggies, spices, pure coconut cream and a touch of natural honey)


Diet food